About Me

Jesus sends the disciples
Background Photo by Alexas_Fotos at Pixabay

You have been sent by the King

As one of Jesus’ followers, you are sent to make more disciples. I’m sure you already know this…you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

It’s hard, though, to live it out. Are you’re struggling to have consistent quiet times or you want to make an impact in world missions but can’t travel? Maybe you’re just looking for practical tips on growing in holiness and fulfilling the Great Commission.

I want to help.

About meI’m Casey and I started this blog to encourage people like you. Though definitely not an expert in these things, I am a gospel-believing Christian missionary working with a tribal group in South America.

Being with indigenous believers has taught me so much and I’ve learned just as much from them as they have from me. One of the main things they have taught me is to keep things practical.

If something doesn’t help them make it through the day, then they don’t really care about it. Unlike many believers in the US, they rarely sit around discussing philosophy and “what if’s” (though that’s not a bad thing!).

I can’t just say to them, “Jesus is God”. That’s an abstract truth that doesn’t help them. I have to say, “Jesus is God. That means when you pray today, he’ll hear you.” They get that. So do we.

Since beginning this ministry, the Lord has blessed me with a steady stream of godly people in my life to give me wise counsel. That mixed with several years (I’m older than I look!) of learning to practically apply the Word like this has made me a better Bible teacher and Christian in general.

I hope to pass some of this on to you.