Go Deeper into God’s Word with a Printable Bible Study

Printable Bible Study to guide your daily devotionals and help you go deeper into God's Word.

Bible Study Distractions Are Real

How many times have you sat down for your daily devotional, only to walk away not remembering the majority of what you read? If I asked you what the main points were from your Bible study this morning, could you answer? Do you even have a quiet time on the days when your heart is numb to God and you just don’t feel like it?

The main way to fight against these things is with prayer. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to sanctify you, give you godly desires, and fill your mind with the Word. God knows that we are weak and He has given us the Helper. So, ask Him for help!

Nevertheless, we can’t just sit back and wait for some supernatural work of the Spirit to cause us to have the whole Bible memorized. That would be awesome! But it’s not how the Lord has chosen to do things. Yes, He will help us and will give us the strength that we need. But, we are responsible to do something with that strength.

One of the main ways that we grow in holiness and knowledge of God’s Word is, you guessed it, by spending time in the Word. This can be through reading it, listening to it, memorizing it, etc. The problem is, we are still fallen people in a fallen world.

We fight against our own sin every day. That means we often have to fight for the desire just to have a consistent devotional routine. We are also faced with tons of distractions while studying the Bible. One of the practical ways to combat these things is to have an organized guide that causes you to think deeply about the passage.

What is a Printable Bible Study?

This is where printable Bible studies come into the picture. Each one is a little different, but they are templates with specific questions that guide you and keep you focused and on task. This way you won’t be nearly as distracted and you’ll almost always end your time having learned something about God and His Word.

Who Should Use a Printable Bible Study?

We all deal with distractions. These printables help. Some people don’t know what questions they should be asking as they read the Bible. These printables help. Some lack organization, which causes their minds to wander even more. These printables help. Others like to keep a devotional journal. These printables help.

As you can see, every Christian can benefit from one!

How Do You Use a Printable Bible Study?

Bible study example 1

To begin, you usually print it out (I like to state the obvious). As you read through the text, you simply answer the questions and fill in the blanks. They are designed with questions that keep you from skimming and make you actually think about the meaning, context, application, etc.

One of the best things about using one is that you buy it once and then can print it out as many times as you’d like…forever! That’s a pretty good deal for only a few dollars!

Despite the name, you don’t actually have to print them out. They are usually downloaded in the PDF format. That means you can use almost any free PDF editor and fill in the answers on your computer, phone, or tablet. Doing it this way allows you to store all of your notes online.

Where Can I Buy a Printable Bible Study?

You can check Etsy for more options, but (shameless plug) I recommend using the one I’ve created and sell here in the shop. I don’t say that just because I make a small profit but because it’s the one I’ve personally used for a long time. I can speak first hand about how it has helped me grow in the faith.

I wanted a printable that had some specific things on it. I shopped around for a while but never found one that had everything I was looking for (though it may exist). Each had some of the things I wanted but none had them all. So, I made one.

For example, mine asks you to give a 1-sentence summary of the text to help you see the big picture. You then get the details by writing out the various topics and the author’s main points. Check the photos for the other questions.

Though there are many great ones out there, there is something that makes this one stand out from the average.

Jesus is the focus, not you

Printable Bible study.jpg

A key feature is that you have to figure out how Jesus fits into the text. The whole Bible is about Jesus (Luke 24:27). That means even if you’re reading something written by Moses, it points to Jesus (John 5:46). So, shouldn’t an important part of your time in the Word be about praising him for his role in it?

Seeing Jesus in the passage every single time also safeguards against the temptation to make the Bible about us. Though helpful, we have to make sure we keep questions like, “What does God want me to learn?” in their proper context…behind Jesus. Yes, we should try to apply the text to our lives, but we have to remember that Jesus is the point.

That’s why the application section gives some leading questions. It asks, “How do these truths help me grow in holiness, love Jesus more, & live out the Great Commission?” Your answers will focus on how you should change to be more like Jesus, what you learned about Jesus that makes him even more amazing to you, and how all of this helps you practically obey Jesus by making disciples.

This type of application directly impacts your life but is saturated with and built around Christ.

What Now?

I hope you can see the many benefits that a printable Bible study offers. Are they essential for spiritual growth? Definitely not. They are, though, great aids in our fight for holiness. Why not give it a try?

Go deeper into God's Word with a printable Bible study
Using a printable Bible study helps keep you focused, organized, and forces you to think about the text instead of just skimming. Learn how and why to add one to your daily devotional routine!
Using a printable Bible study helps keep you focused, organized, and forces you to think about the text instead of just skimming. Learn how and why to add one to your daily devotional routine!
Using a printable Bible study helps keep you focused, organized, and forces you to think about the text instead of just skimming. Learn how and why to add one to your daily devotional routine!

Have you used a printable Bible study in the past? What was your experience like?

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